The advantages to living in tiny home are numerous. Downsizing to tiny living lessens the load of material possessions i.e., "junk," and can allow a much simpler life. Do you really want to spend your entire working career trying to pay off a huge mortgage? Join the growing number of people seeing the value of tiny home living, where you can realistically work toward being debt free, balance your goals, and truly enjoy life.  

Why Buy a Tiny House on Wheels?​

  • minimizes or eliminates debt, allowing more financial stability

  • your possessions don't possess you

  • prioritize how you spend time, such as quality time with family, or allowing more opportunity to travel

  • balances your goals and priorities

  • learn to value experiences rather than material possessions

  • "encourages" you to spend more time outdoors

  • less costly and much easier to maintain

  • better budgeting, which can allow you to spend more on quality items, such as higher quality food or a newer car

  • less time doing cleaning and chores

  • smaller closet space can result in less laundry

  • less space to accumulate clutter, which can also result in dollar savings

  • lessons your work schedule, and allows time for projects

  • cheaper home ownership

  • you can pursue your dreams

  • less arguing about money

  • ability to pick up and relocate at limited cost

  • stability because of your four walls and roof over your head

Specializing in tiny homes

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